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How Web 2.0 Can Help Your Small Business

If you’ve never heard the term “Web 2.0″ before, sorry buddy, but you’re out of touch. Chances are however that you’re already familiar with Web 2.0, even if you don’t know it. Ever watched a video on YouTube, written on a friend’s wall on Facebook, or uploaded a photo album to Flickr? Then you’ve experienced Web 2.0. What you maybe haven’t realized yet is that it’s is one of the best places to build and advertise your small business and, yes, save energy doing it.

Web 2.0 is not so much a “sequel” to the Internet as much as it is a progression of it, or new way of looking at it. Back when the Internet was first popularized, it was used primarily as a channel for technological information, a resource for those working in the fields of computer science and data processing. These days, the World Wide Web is much simpler to access and more readily available to a wider variety of users, so its content has broadened and diversified to include virtually every subject of interest to any audience. The Internet has remained essentially the same: it’s only grown billions of times larger.

But you knew all that. After all, you’re using the Internet right now and you probably use it every day. What you may be neglecting is all the opportunity the Web holds for your small business. To understand the full capability of the Internet as a marketing, networking, and money-making tool, think about it in terms of Web 2.0. Specifically, think of it as a place to share your thoughts with others quickly, constantly, and in real time. Think about it as an organic, evolving hive-mind. Think about it as a world where words are spread out through time and place, where your ideas exist everywhere at once and change dynamically. Think about it as real life.

The key to working with Web 2.0 is to use your virtual identity and your “real” one, your brick-and-mortar business, work together to augment each other. With no online presence, your business might as well not exist. With no real world presence, your business actually doesn’t exist. Below are some of the sites you need to use if you plan to survive in the Information Age.


About as important as having a website

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